The Advantages of Our Agency over Freelancers and Other Agencies

We are:

For you as the customer, this offers a whole range of advantages:

  • Certainty. Individual people occasionally fall ill, or they may fail for other reasons to complete an assignment on time or at all. As a bureau and a copywriting agency, we have a great many people working with us and our project management works extremely well, so that we are generally able to arrange, even at short notice, to replace one specialist who is no longer available with another of equal expertise.

  • Guaranteed Quality. Our copywriting service has been on the market for several years now, and has won the trust of many customers who came with demanding requests. This has only been possible thanks to our high standards of quality. When you use a freelance copywriter, proof-reader or translator, you are frequently only able to say afterwards whether or not the quality met your demands.

  • A very extensive Portfolio of Services. No freelancer can offer the whole range of services that we provide: text optimization and copywriting, translation and interpreting services, writing coaching and plagiarism checking, typing and transcription, scanning services and text digitisation, website creation and maintenance, search engine optimization of websites, publicity and marketing, design and graphics, layout and printing.

  • Vast Range of Languages Covered. Working for us, we have native speakers of over
    90 different languages from 70 different countries.

  • Geographic flexibility. You can use our services, wherever you’re based. One person can’t be in several places at once, or guarantee to be in a certain place whatever the time. As an online agency, we can support you in any location in the world where there is Wi-Fi. All around the globe, in over 80 different countries, people are working with us. This enables us to offer you on-the-spot assistance from almost anywhere on earth.
  • Urgent Projects. If you need your work in a hurry, we can have several experts working on your order, enabling us to complete it to the highest standards within a very limited time span.

  • Large-scale Projects. The same applies to large-scale projects. We can engage several hundred people to work on one order. No individual freelancer can do that — and not every translation, copywriting or proof-reading bureau either. At the same time, our copywriting agency is always there, easy to contact and to consult with, coordinating the work of all those involved in your project, and taking charge of it in a professional manner.

  • Almost Permanent Availability. No freelancer can work around the clock, and without taking weekends off, or be available just in case of the odd query. Our copywriting agency can usually be reached outside regular office hours.

  • Image. All these advantages are naturally reflected in our excellent image and our good reputation. An individual can seldom become a brand name. Lektorat Unker is just that.

You can learn more about our copywriting bureau under the heading About Our Agency.

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