What details do I put in the invoice?

As a text agency, we work in cooperation with many freelancers such as yourself. Remuneration is mainly sent to you by bank transfer, with payments in foreign currencies being made via TransferWise, or in exceptional cases and after prior agreement, by PayPal. For these purposes, we need an invoice that fulfils the legal requirements.

In the case of frequent cooperation, the administrative load can kept down on both sides, by bundling several projects in one invoice and only settling the bill once a month. Payment usually follows within 14 days of receipt of the correctly completed invoice, although very occasionally it can take up to a month.

Please send us your invoice by e-mail only, in PDF format. The file name should include your name, your invoice number, and ideally the billing date. The invoice can be either in the German or the English language.

It should also contain the following:

  • our address:

    Lektorat Unker
    Inh. Evgenij Unker
    Blumenhaller Weg 17
    49080 Osnabrück, Germany

  • your address with your name in full, and the country in question if your billing address is located outside Germany

  • in the case of agreements within the EU, to which the VAT Reverse Charge Ruling applies, the VAT number of Evgenij Unker — DE285779361 — plus an instruction concerning the Reverse Charge Procedure

  • your Income Tax Number, and in the case of VAT payment, your VAT number

  • invoice number

  • invoice date

  • dates when or month(s) within which work was completed

  • a price description of the work completed, or a list of the various items

  • if VAT is charged: gross total (total including VAT), net total (total excluding VAT), VAT rate (as a percentage), VAT charged (as an absolute number)

  • if no VAT payment is payable, an appropriate instruction. In Germany, this could read: “Acc. to § 19 of the VAT Act, no VAT will be charged (small business ruling).”

  • your account data: name of account holder, name of bank, IBAN, BIC. For an agreed PayPal payment: PayPal e-mail address


The above advice is only for the purposes of general information and the speedy processing and settlement of your invoice sent to our establishment. It does not represent or replace legal or tax advice. If in doubt, consult your tax adviser or solicitor.

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