Our Team

Our pool of employees consists of over 1.400 text professionals and experts in various fields of activity and branches of knowledge, both practitioners and theorists:

  • proof-readers and copyeditors,
  • substantive editors and final editors,
  • writers and ghost-writers,
  • translators and interpreters,
  • typists and transcriptionist,
  • coaches and consultants,
  • SEO (search engine optimisers) and SEO engineers,
  • plagiarism checkers and reviewers,
  • designers and layout designers,
  • expert witnesses and judicial experts,
  • lecturers and trainers,
  • scientists and researchers,
  • programmers and IT-specialists as well as
  • numerous other experts.

Only the highest qualified experts work for us, and for text commissions, only native speakers. We choose the suitable employee for each of your commissions from our pool. Should there be no suitable expert, we will find one for you and hire him or her for work on your project. That way we can satisfy both your and our own high quality expectations.

Before, during and after the completion of your commission, you will always have a clearly defined, always accessible contact person. He coordinates the completion of your commission and is there to answer your questions at any time.

In the case of particularly challenging commissions, we work in accordance with the four-eyes principle. For example, in the case of text commissions, this means that a second employee gives your text the finishing touches.

Your Contact Person: Evgenij Unker

Evgenij Unker, 2019

Writer, copyeditor, translator. Founder of Lektorat Unker.

Born in St. Petersburg (Russia), raised bilingual (Russian, German).

Studied law, philosophy and German philology.

Numerous publications in Russian- and German-language newspapers to date as well as on the Internet (lyrics, short stories, aphorisms, reviews, essays, etc.). Recipient of the 2007 BDAT Author Contest Prize for his German-language sketch “Goethe and a young publisher”.

Major areas of interest: humanities, law, economic science, Marketing, IT, SEO.

Photo: Janina Stenzel.

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Appointments in our office
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after prior agreement
by e-mail only.