Low-Priced Editing, Translating and Writing

For students and other clients with limited budgets we have a special rate. Among others, we offer the following services for considerably lower prices by request:

  • proof-reading: correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation,
  • copyediting: in addition to proof-reading, tips for stylistic and structural improvement,
  • layout services, formatting.

How Do We Achieve the Lower Price?

We have very high quality standards. Most business clients and numerous quality-conscious private clients choose us for this reason.

But unfortunately, quality comes with a price that many students and private persons can’t afford. But we still want to be there for these people. In order to offer text services for a lower price, we hire students and dedicated entry-level employees for the student rate.

Depending on which language is involved, these are often motivated German students English students, Romance students and other language students. Naturally we only hire native speakers. It may also be a student who has already graduated but who simply doesn’t yet have the several years of experience that our professional employees have accumulated.

Experience shows: most students and private customers are extremely satisfied with such a revision. Hiring more expensive professional editors is then unnecessary. Particularly quality-conscious clients are still of course free to book at our normal rate.

What Happens, if You Are Unsatisfied with the Student Editing, Translating or Writing?

Unexperienced copyeditors and proof-readers occasionally overlook errors that a professional proof-reader would have fixed. Unfortunately, the highest quality can’t be had for a discounted price. Therefore, if for you it is a question of particularly high quality, you should turn instead to our standard or even our four-eyes rate.

Nevertheless, we want to satisfy you and will strive, in very severe cases of bad work, to improve the work without further cost to you even for commissions booked at the student rate.

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