Our Pricing Policy

Prices in the text services sector are subject to considerable fluctuation. A higher price does not always automatically mean higher quality, whatever some service providers may suggest. On the plus side, lower or mid-range prices do not automatically signify poor or mediocre quality.

It is true, however, that top-quality text editing cannot be obtained at discount prices. Delivering the highest quality of copywriting and textual editing involves numerous requirements with cost implications, for instance editors who are easy to contact and ready to take on an assignment instantly, even outside regular office hours, and the need for professional (sometimes very expensive) software. Above all, highly qualified, experienced and committed workers are needed, who will spend the time necessary on each assignment for the customer to be left one hundred percent satisfied.

How Our Prices Compare with Those of Other Providers

Many text service providers are only able to offer low prices because textual editing is merely a sideline in their work, or because their standards of quality are not like ours. Some, for example, only quote for correcting the “gravest mistakes” when proof-reading, or for just commenting on a mistake the first time it occurs. Others make particular services, such as various kinds of consultation, a separate item on the invoice. For us, offering advice is self-evidently all part of the service and is included within our prices.

Frequently, another provider may give the assignment to a non-native speaker. Some translators and translation companies will offer you low-priced, machine-generated or partially automatic translations containing many errors in translation. Acting in your best interests, we reject these practices entirely. The quality must be right.

We try to provide a fair and transparent pricing structure. Neither those working on an assignment nor the customer should be exploited. Our prices are high enough to ensure that the work delivered is of the best possible quality — and in the long term, too, not just for a first order or a sample edit offered as a promotion. This policy of giving good value for money well spent is something many customers have come to appreciate.

Have a glance at what we say under the heading Our Philosophy, where we go into more detail about our aims and values.

Student Rates and Special Rates

Many private customers, such as students and amateur writers, seek to avoid the high expenditure incurred by professional text editing, despite its clear advantages. We fully understand this. This is why we have developed a special rate. We can engage the services of committed students and of beginners in the profession to work for what we class as student rates. In this way, we can offer an economical solution to our customers, while still delivering a good standard of work.

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