Text Optimization Pricing

If you send us your text and tell us what kind of editing you are seeking, together with the deadline you desire, we can provide you with an exact cost proposal. For your general guidance, useful information is available in our list of prices.

These are a few actual examples of prices we have charged recently. Click here to learn more about the standard page.

Proof-reading (for spelling, syntax, grammar) a journalistic text totalling 10 standard pages:
5.00 EUR/standard page × 10 standard pages = 50.00 EUR, including VAT.

Copyediting a Bachelor thesis that contains a great many mistakes, and which totals 50 standard pages:
6.00 EUR/standard page × 50 standard pages = 300.00 EUR, including VAT.

Copyediting and formatting a dissertation totalling 500 standard pages (only slight correction required):
5.00 EUR/standard page × 500 standard pages = 2,500.00 EUR, including VAT.

Copyediting the translation into English of a publicity leaflet (including comparison with the German original), totalling 40 standard pages:
7.00 EUR/standard page × 40 standard pages = 280.00 EUR, plus VAT.

Prices for Copywriting, Translations etc.

Where other text services are concerned, it becomes even more difficult to quote a hard and fast price. One possibility here is to calculate the sum owing per actual hours worked. We currently charge at an average hourly rate of 60.00 EUR, including VAT (last update: 22 May 2013). Depending on the language and the project, the rate per hour can be higher or lower than this. Again, it is always worth asking. Every text and every assignment is individual — we are happy to work to your budget as far as is possible.

Special Rate, Student Rate

If you are on a limited budget, you may be interested in our special rates. For these, we engage the services of those currently involved in English studies, and those just establishing themselves professionally. In this way, we can offer you good-quality work at somewhat lower prices.

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