Give your Seminar Paper a Plagiarism Check!

Not sure how to handle citations in your seminar paper? We will be pleased to advise you, subjecting your student homework to a plagiarism check. There are a number of options to choose from, including the following:

  • A computer-assisted plagiarism test: this test is carried out with the aid of specialised plagiarism-detection software, which searches the Internet for matching passages of text. This is not the most reliable method, but is relatively quick and easy to effect.

  • Coaching in how to include citations: we will be happy to answer personally all your questions regarding the bibliography, footnotes and lists of sources.

  • Formal checking and proofreading of the references: we will gladly subject your work to a formal footnote check, and will also evaluate the uniformity of the bibliography and its probable level of accuracy (plausibility).

Further Support with Your Assignment

As well as the plagiarism testing, students also appreciate some of the other services that we offer:

  • a copy editing service More >>
  • coaching to help you before or as you write More >>
  • ensuring your work is in the right format More >>
  • top-quality printing More >>

Plagiarism Testing for University Lecturers, Examiners etc.

Has your candidate handed you an assignment that appears suspicious? We will be pleased to look into your inkling of a suspicion. We search on the Web and in relevant literature. With some assignments, a computer-assisted plagiarism check will be all that is required. Afterwards, you will receive an objective plagiarism evaluation with all the instances of plagiarism for which we found evidence.

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