Plagiarism Evaluation of Your Master’s Thesis

Our professional plagiarism investigators will subject your Master’s thesis to a thoroughgoing plagiarism check. The following types of plagiarism testing can be carried out on your thesis:

  • Automatic plagiarism testing: computer-assisted checking includes comparison of the text of your Master’s thesis with the sources on the Web, in order to identify matches. Within a few hours, you will receive a thorough computer-generated expert report evaluating all the findings.

  • Manual plagiarism testing, together with advice: we will also be happy to advise you, on an individual and personal basis, on all aspects of citation, putting together a bibliography, and footnoting. We can also analyse isolated passages of your Master’s thesis, comparing them with the source text. This will provide you with an independent and expert evaluation as to whether an instance of plagiarism applies in your specific case. Manual searches can, however, also be of interest to lecturers and professors who wish to have a student's Master’s thesis thoroughly checked for signs of plagiarism.

  • Formal plagiarism testing: our experienced academic proofreaders can also give you direct help, by ensuring the uniformity of your bibliography and source information and by subjecting them to a formal proofreading.

Other Ways in which we can help you with your thesis

As a graduate student, you may also find the following services useful:

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