Do I pay on receipt of the invoice, or in advance?

Unless we have agreed a different arrangement, you will receive from us, upon completion, an e-mail with an invoice in PDF format. Right from the placing of the order, we need your full permanent address and date of birth, for accounting purposes. If you are a new customer, or in the case of larger orders, we will request full or partial payment in advance.

Payment Options

At the present time, you can make your payment to us in any of the following ways:

  • Bank transfer. The transfer of the remuneration in euros (EUR) into our bank account is the classic, and usually the most cost-effective, payment method. We do not make any additional charges for this transaction (although your bank may possibly do so).

  • TransferWise. For payments from abroad (in currencies other than the euro) we recommend using the TransferWise money transfer service. With a charge of only 0.5 % (with a minimum charge of EUR 2.00) of the sum to be transferred, it offers better value than most banks’ foreign transactions or those of all other payment services known to us. The current official rate of exchange is applied, without any added charges or reductions.

  • PayPal — with the PayPal charges deducted. PayPal is the obvious choice where urgent commissions are concerned, for which we are requesting partial or full payment in advance. Just let us know when placing the order that you wish to pay by PayPal. We can then inform you in advance of the charges to be incurred.

  • Cash payment. Should you or your firm be based in Osnabrück, as we are, or should you just happen to be in the area, you can of course pay us in cash. Naturally, we will give you a receipt.

Payment Deadlines

In accordance with our contractual terms and conditions of business, payment will normally be expected within two weeks of the date of invoicing. Following current legal practice, an e-mail counts as having been delivered at the latest by the next day after it was sent.

Please take care to settle our invoices promptly, as late payments will give rise to further costs.

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