Mistakes in the Text despite Copyediting or Proof-reading

This is a question from our FAQ:

I have found mistakes in a text that you have proof-read or copyedited. How has this happened, and how can such mistakes be avoided?

To ensure the best possible quality is our primary aim. In spite of this: even we are not infallible and we do make mistakes. Should you not be satisfied with the quality of our work, we will of course investigate your complaint immediately.

In most cases, however, additional mistakes occur in the text if it has been reworked or if further changes have been made to its layout by the customer after we have completed our editing. Where customers have requested proof-reading or copyediting in PDF using the Comments function, errors then often ensue during the manual inputting of our suggested changes. For this type of text editing, we therefore recommend a final proof-reading before the printing or publishing stage.

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