Remote Freelance Work for Web Programmers and Web Developers

We want to completely relaunch our website and are looking for freelance programmers for this task. Besides this, we maintain and optimise a number of our customers’ websites and are also planning to add a new service to our portfolio: website creation. We will need programmers, technicians and search engine optimisers for this effort as well. The job can be done remotely.

Requirements for Remote Web Programmers

It would be advantageous if you bring along following knowledge and skills:

  • Installation and maintenance of content management systems.

  • Programming, optimisation and maintenance of multilingual websites.

  • Experience with programming and maintenance of large web portals.

  • Search engine-friendly and lightweight code.

  • Experience with responsive web design (smartphone-optimised).

  • Familiarity with all Google guidelines and recommendations as well as the established SEO standards (White Hat only).

  • Data security, encrypted data transfer.

  • User-friendly form programming.

  • Documented program code (in English) that is open (amenable to modifications) as well as clean.

  • Connection with social media (Twitter, Google+, Facebook) and social bookmarking.

You will presumably not have experience or be equally well versed in all of the above-mentioned disciplines. However, we are planning to put together a team of programmers and designers such that you could still apply even if you only fulfil a few of the requirements.

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Apply Now

Just send us an email at You can apply without following any particular format, although we naturally prefer informative and individual applications with CV, references and contact details to meaningless bulk emails.

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