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Remote Freelance Work for Visual Basic .NET Developers

We are currently looking for freelance Visual Basic developers and .NET programmers for the development and implementation of several software solutions. The freelance work can also be accomplished remotely, so your geographic location doesn’t matter.

For one thing we need support in the front end programming of our internal ERP database (enterprise resource planning system), which would also include an extended enterprise relationship management system (ERM). The front end programming is being done in Visual Basic; the back end will involve a Microsoft SQL Server database.

For another we are planning the programming of plagiarism search software that searches through Internet sources (both open and otherwise) and enables a direct comparison of several online and offline texts. To begin with, it will be for internal use, but the sale of licenses is also planned.

These are just two current examples. Many other projects are possible. Not only do we ourselves always have new ideas, but many of our clients would also be very glad to have competent and reliable IT support.

What We Expect from a Remote VB Programmer

  • at least three years of experience in the field of software development
  • outstanding and always up-to-date knowledge of Visual Basic and the .NET framework
  • outstanding knowledge of databases and SQL queries (especially within the scope of Microsoft SQL Server)
  • highest quality expectations for your own work
  • enjoyment in developing new concepts and algorithms
  • focus on usability and performance
  • open, clean program code with English documentation
  • beneficial: experience with the licensing and distribution of self-developed software

What We Can Offer a Remote VB Developer

  • working with a well-known text agency
  • exciting insight into a sector unknown to most software developers
  • long-term planning security
  • professional and financial growth together with us
  • fair and timely compensation

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We Look Forward to Your Application

Accept the challenge and write to us at jobs@unker.com. The more information you share with us about yourself, your education, experience, references and your payment expectations as a Visual Basic developer, the faster we’ll likely get back to you.

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Working hours:

Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday:
UTC+1: 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
UTC-5: 05:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

We are often available after hours.