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Remote Freelance Work for Software Programmers

We are still a young company and are quickly developing ourselves further. Given that today hardly any service can get by without IT support, we are looking for freelance software developers and programmers that support us in-house or from home remotely. The work involves the development and implementation of applications for our own use, for our clients and also where applicable for the sale of licenses.

We are currently planning work for the development of a plagiarism software (for Windows, or web-based), based on the results of popular search engines and other sources like online libraries. The possibility of direct comparison of several texts would also be important. We are open to C++, BASIC and other programming languages.

This is just a current example. In the case of successful collaboration, many more projects would also be possible. Depending on your availability and the complexity of the application, it would be conceivable for the programming to be done either by you alone or as part of a team of several developers.

Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Java, C# etc.

We work above all with Windows, but porting to other operating systems like Linux or OS X is conceivable in the future.

We are open on principle to all programming languages and methods, and you are welcome to convince us of the advantages of your favourite programming language, whether it be C#, C++, BASIC, Java or even a programming language that we haven’t heard of.

We favour Visual Studio .NET as development environment, but we are also open to suggestions in this regard.

What We Expect from a Freelance Programmer

  • at least three years of experience in the field of software development
  • creativity and willingness to develop new algorithms and software solutions
  • experience with and very good knowledge of database solutions and SQL (especially Microsoft SQL Server)
  • open, clean program code with English documentation
  • more performant, time- and resource-saving code
  • user-friendly interface
  • experience with or at least basic knowledge of web applications (for eventually connecting the software to a website/a web server)
  • beneficial: experience with the licensing and distribution of self-developed software

What We Can Offer a Freelance Programmer

  • working with one of the leading text service providers
  • exciting insight into a sector that software developers usually rarely encounter
  • long-term planning security
  • fair and timely compensation

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How to Apply?

If you’d like to accept the challenge, please apply any time at jobs@unker.com. The more you tell us about yourself, your previous experience and qualifications, the easier you will make it for us to make a decision in your favour.

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Working hours:

Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday:
UTC+1: 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
UTC-5: 05:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

We are often available after hours.