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Remote Freelance Work for Java Developers

We are currently looking for freelance Java developers for web apps and desktop applications. The freelance work can be accomplished remotely. So you don’t necessarily have to be located in Germany.

The first upcoming project is the programming of a plagiarism search software. This should enable the analysis of Internet sources (both open and otherwise) as well as a comparison of several texts. A few web applications are also planned.

But we are not the only ones who need software solutions; our clients always express the need for reliable programming services both for online and offline areas. So the collaboration should, in the ideal case, go beyond the scope of the aforementioned project.

What We Expect from a Java Programmer

  • outstanding and always up-to-date knowledge of Java
  • at least three years of experience in the field of software development
  • beneficial: experience with the NetBeans 8 development environment and the Swing graphics library
  • ability to work on a team, especially the ability to quickly understand code written by someone else
  • focus on efficiency, performance and usability
  • highest quality expectations from your own work
  • enjoyment in developing new concepts and algorithms
  • clean, lightweight programming code with English documentation
  • beneficial: experience with the licensing and distribution of self-developed software

What We Can Offer a Java Developer

  • working with a well-known text agency
  • exciting insight into a sector unknown to most software developers
  • long-term planning security
  • professional and financial growth together with us
  • fair and timely compensation

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Apply in any Format

We are glad to accept your application at jobs@unker.com. Some basic information about yourself, your education, your experience and references would make the processing of the incoming job enquiries much easier for us.

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Working hours:

Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday:
UTC+1: 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
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We are often available after hours.