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Remote Database Developers Wanted

We are currently working on the firm-internal optimisation of our project management with a Microsoft SQL Server database. It involves the development of an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), in particular one that includes an enterprise relationship management system (ERM). The front end is being developed in Visual Basic.

As support, we are looking for freelance database designers and programmers with experience with MS SQL Server database design and VB application programming in particular. The freelance work doesn’t have to be done on-site; it can be done remotely.

The work would involve above all the capturing and optimisation of the following processes:

  • marketing operations
  • enquiry management
  • proposal preparation
  • project coordination
  • billing
  • arrears billing
  • client and employee management
  • accounting
  • statistical evaluation: decision support, data mining
  • multi-user access, administration of access privileges

It goes without saying that you as an individual expert can’t cover all of these areas at once. Therefore you can still apply even if you can implement only a few of these aspects. You will then work together on a team on the overall project—and we will certainly also have smaller, isolated tasks to give you that you can manage with little effort.

It’s important to us that the following conditions are met:

  • creation of an ER- and/or UML-diagram in the planning phase and for subsequent maintenance
  • clean program code with English documentation
  • performance-oriented database design
  • most flexible design possible, intended for growth and customisation

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How to Apply?

If you have experience in database design and database programming, apply at jobs@unker.com. Even if our general guidelines for application may not be 100% suited to your application in the field of databases, you can still get a sense of how we work and what is important to us in a collaborative effort. You’ll also get acquainted with the first area to be implemented in our database.

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Working hours:

Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday:
UTC+1: 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
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We are often available after hours.