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Your contact person: Evgenij Unker

If you would like to call or visit us in our office please make an appointment with us by e-mail first.

In case you just want a general overview of our prices for the time being, you can find a price list for this purpose here.

Basic Information for Proposal Preparation

The ideal situation would be for you to send us your text with your inquiry. Then we can factor the workload into our cost estimate and eliminate a lot of back and forth questions. If you cannot send us the complete text, for example because it is still a work in progress, a representative sample (at least 20 standard pages) would be helpful.

If you are unable to provide us the complete text for the proposal preparation, the following details would be particularly helpful to us:

  1. Type of commission that you have in mind: text optimisation, translation, text production, plagiarism checking etc.
  2. Language: German, English, French etc.
  3. Type of text: novel, bachelor thesis, dissertation, flyers etc.
  4. Text theme: business law, 19th century literature, algebra etc.
  5. Length of text (character count, incl. spaces).
  6. Text or file format in which the work is to be done: *.doc, *.pdf, hard copy.
  7. Desired deadline.
  8. Special requirements: if individual writing styles should be taken into account, correction according to American English etc.
  9. Budget limitations: in case you have a maximum amount that you wish to or are able to pay for your project, it would help us to know this detail at the time of proposal preparation. We can often make you an offer even on a small budget through adjustment of the scope of services or the deadline.
  10. If you accept our bid we will need your full name, your address and your date of birth for accounting purposes. For the calculation of VAT/sales tax, we particularly need you to include your country in your inquiry.

General Information

Please understand that we cannot take on any free trial editing, translating or writing—the number of inquiries is too high for that. You can assure yourself about the quality of our work by reading our references list. We also gladly take on partial commissions in order to test collaboration with us before you give us the whole commission.
Please also note that we can only give you the definite price and completion date when we have received the complete text. With your inquiry, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

One More Request

Our cost estimates are non-binding and provided to you completely free. We will not charge you any fees for this despite the fact that we spend a lot of time and effort on every single estimate. But you can give us something in return by briefly writing back to us. Even and in fact especially in the case that you decide against our offer. This would be particularly helpful to us in our capacity planning.

If our quote doesn’t appeal to you, we would be very grateful if you can tell us the true reason for your decision. It is possible that we can adjust our quote to your requirements and be able to help you after all. Furthermore, thanks to your feedback we can better gauge what our potential and current customers want and bring our quotes more in line with this in the future.

For our marketing department it would also be interesting to know how you heard about us. With this information you would help us to optimise our advertising efforts.

Thank you!

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