How long does proofreading or translation take?

Editing deadlines depend on many factors: on the type of work commissioned (proof-reading or copyediting, translating or copywriting etc.), on the volume of text, on the amount of actual editing, researching and so on.

On average, a copyeditor can work through around 25 to 50 standard pages (= 1500 characters, incl. spaces) per day. Where translations are concerned, you can calculate on the basis of around 200 to 300 standard lines (= 55 characters, incl. spaces) per day.

Nevertheless, you should always agree the deadlines with us beforehand. Quite apart from the factors we have mentioned specific to the text, there are also certain peak times when the editing cannot be completed as quickly. Your commission may also be very specialised (e.g. technical editing, translation into a rare language etc.) and thus a task that only certain experts can handle. In this case, it is very important to make your plans in good time.

Copywriting Deadlines

In the case of copywriting assignments, only a ball-park estimate can be given as to how long it will take. On the one hand, creative output seldom fits into a timetable, and on the other, copywriting usually involves a certain amount of research, depending on the subject and the nature of the text.

For this reason, we request that you agree your order with us as early as possible. Then we can plan to schedule in your work appropriately, and you can be confident that we will adhere to the deadlines as arranged.

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