Have Your Dissertation Professionally Formatted

The formatting of your dissertation refers to the optimal design of your text. So it concerns the optimisation of all design elements that are traditionally considered a part of the layout: font, paragraphs, headings, footers, indices etc. You’ll receive the result either as a printable PDF or one prepared for online publishing. Of course, we will also deliver it to you in other formats upon request (e.g. *.epub).

Our professional formatting experts will format your doctoral thesis in accordance with your specifications or the guidelines of your university, so all you have to do is print your text. And upon request, we will even take on the printing for you.

Normally, we carry out the formatting in the same file format/program in which you wrote the text. Among others, we work with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice as well as LibreOffice and LaTeX. Upon request, we will also put your dissertation into a professional book layout with the help of a popular design/book layout program like InDesign or QuarkXPress.

What is Involved in the Formatting of Your Doctoral Thesis?

For the formatting of your doctoral thesis we take care of, for example, the following layout elements:

  • Page formatting (page format, page orientation, margins)
  • Headers (chapter titles, chapter numbers, author name)
  • Footers (Roman numeral/Arabic folios, footnotes)
  • Title page (creation, design)
  • Paragraphs (spacing, indentation)
  • Indices: table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, bibliography etc. (creation, automation of page references)
  • Font and font size
  • Headings
  • Chapter numbering, table numbering, numbering of figures etc.
  • Tables, figures, formulas (unification, design)

Upon request, we will also take on the creation of a keyword index, a subject index or a name index.

Book Setting—Layout as a Book or eBook

Most dissertations are published as a book or e-book. Depending on the publisher or platform, there are often many technical and form-related specifications to keep in mind. Our book typesetters are familiar with the requirements of a great many academic publishers, universities and e-book platforms. We will supply, as needed:

  • a print master in PDF format,
  • a PDF file optimised for online publishing,
  • an ePub file,
  • among others, Word, InDesign, or LaTeX source files, so that you can make changes yourself later.

Further Support in Achieving Your Doctorate

In addition to formatting, we can offer you a whole spectrum of additional assistance for the creation of your doctoral thesis:

  • Linguistic-stylistic correction More >>
  • Automatic and manual plagiarism checking
  • Advice on handling sources
  • Coaching during or in preparation for writing
  • Printing
  • print

Appointments in our office
or on telephone are possible
after prior agreement
by e-mail only.