Have Your Text Formatted

As a professional text and writing office, we will gladly take on the formatting or layout work for your text. It could be for a book, a brochure or an academic thesis—our layout pros will put any text in the appropriate format.

When we say text formatting, we are talking in particular about the optimal layout of academic texts like doctoral, master und bachelor theses. In these cases it is usually a matter of optimising the look and feel of the text within the context of the word processing program in which you have written it: for example in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Of course, we also work with LaTeX.

What is the Difference between Formatting and Layout?

With formatting, in addition to the appropriate look and feel, the compliance with the formal guidelines of your university, your examiner or the generally accepted requirements of your text genre usually have priority above all. Particularly for scientific texts, certain formatting standards have now been established from which you should not deviate without a good reason.

When it is a question of the artistic design of flyers, brochures, newspapers etc., then we are talking about layout services. The specifications of your publisher or your corporate identity will of course also be taken into account in this case. The actual text design is usually accomplished, however, with a professional layout program by our text designer.

What does Formatting Involve?

Formatting essentially always involves the exact implementation of your requirements and the consideration of the guidelines of your university, your examiner or other specifications. In concrete terms, it can involve the following aspects, among others:

  • Design of the title page
  • Creation of indices: table of contents, list of figures, list of tables etc.
  • Addition of page numbers (combination of Roman numerals and Arabic as needed)
  • Adjustment of font and font size
  • Coordination of the appearance of headings at various levels
  • Numbering of chapters, tables, illustrations or figures etc.
  • Alignment of the sections or paragraphs
  • Adjustment of the side clearance/margins (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Design of the header (chapter titles, chapter numbers, author name)
  • Design of the footer (page folios, footnotes)
  • Upon request, adjustment of the tables, illustrations or figures, formulas etc.

Text Formatting for Various File Formats

You can send us your text in any format, and you will receive it back in the desired format. Our formatting experts work in almost all document formats:

  • Microsoft Office, for example Microsoft Word: *.doc, *.docx
  • Open Document: OpenOffice, LibreOffice: *.odt
  • Rich Text Format: *.rtf
  • Portable Document Format: *.pdf
  • LaTeX
  • InDesign
  • and many others

Formatting for Your Thesis

We take on the formatting of all types of theses and academic texts. We will format, among others:

  • Doctoral theses, dissertations More >>
  • Master theses
  • Bachelor theses
  • Seminar papers, student papers
  • Habilitation dissertations
  • Master of Arts papers
  • etc.
  • print

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