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In our FAQ section, we answer the questions that regular and prospective customers most often put to us.

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The Basics

  • What types of textual editing are there? What is the difference between editing and final editing, copyediting and academic editing etc.? More >>

  • What do we mean by a standard page? How do we define a standard line?
    More >>
  • Is it legal for you to edit my seminar paper or Bachelor thesis? Am I allowed to have you proof-read my Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation? Is it permissible and ethically acceptable to use some other services you provide for undergraduate and postgraduate students? More >>


  • Was does it cost to optimise my text? What will I have to pay for the translation or copywriting of a text? More >>

  • What payment methods are there? More >>

  • Why do the prices charged by different editorial offices and companies vary so widely? How are yours calculated? More >>

  • What happens if the bill is not paid on time? More >>

The Process

  • How will my order progress from the time it is placed, up to its completion? More >>

  • How long does it take to proof-read a text? How much time is required to complete a copywriting or translation assignment? More >>

  • What advantages does your agency have over individual freelancers and other agencies? More >>

Plagiarism Testing

  • What is plagiarism and what types of plagiarism are there? More >>

  • How reliable is computer-assisted plagiarism testing? More >>

Errors and Complaints

  • Can you guarantee that your reworking of the text will be absolutely flawless? More >>

  • I have discovered mistakes in a text that you have proof-read. How have they come about and how can they be avoided? More >>

  • Complaints procedure. What can I do if I am dissatisfied with your work? More >>

Do you also ...?

  • Can you prepare me a sample edit or translation free of charge, so I can form an idea of the quality of your work? More >>

  • I have produced a computer-assisted translation. Can you just quickly proof-read it? More >>

  • Do you also offer academic ghost-writing? Can you write my seminar paper, Bachelor thesis, Master’s thesis, dissertation etc. for me ? More >>

Further Professional Tips

  • Proof-reading your own texts: what’s the most effective way for me to proof-read a text, including one of my own? More >>

  • What are the most common spelling mistakes, and how do I avoid them? More >>

  • How do I write effective SEO texts? More >>

  • Whose service to choose: how do I choose the right editor or the right editorial office for me? More >>

  • Editor as a career choice: How do I become an editor? What do I have to study? Where do I start? More >>

  • What is the right way to spell words out on the telephone or when dictating? (coming soon)

  • How do I write e-mails in the correct manner? More >>

  • What are the differences between British and American English? More >>

For the Professionals

  • What information must my invoice contain? More >>

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Just found a small mistake on your website: under Team...Jobs... Freelance work for specialists...There must be a comma behind 'control systems'...
technology: electronics, automotive, thermodynamics, control systems engineering etc.

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