Independent Expert Plagiarism Report

Has someone else copied your work? Or have you yourself been accused of plagiarism? As independent plagiarism checkers, we can produce for you soundly based, reliable expert reports on every form of textual plagiarism:

  • Computer-assisted plagiarism reports: we use the latest and most reliable detection software. More >>

  • Reports on the grammatical accuracy and consistency of the bibliography, footnotes and source citations: our experts on matters of quotations and the use of sources will identify errors and evaluate their significance. More >>

  • Reports based on manual plagiarism searches in relevant specialist literature, archives, libraries, on the Internet etc. More >>

Our expert reports are suitable to be presented to a court of law or an examination board, or directly to whoever has infringed the copyright. Should you wish, we can deal with the forwarding and disclosure of our test results on your behalf, so that you as the customer are able to preserve your anonymity.

Which types of text can be evaluated?

Evaluation with a view to detecting plagiarism can be carried out in principle on any kind of text:

Why commission a report assessing plagiarism?

Objective, expert plagiarism reports serve to assert the legitimate interests of the rights holders and of the company (in the academic sphere in particular).

At the same time, unwarranted allegations of plagiarism can in many cases be refuted with the aid of a soundly based, independent report.

Those ordering an objective plagiarism report could include the following, for example:

  • teachers and school students,
  • teachers, lecturers and students in higher education (at a university or institute of technology),
  • postgraduate students, senior lecturers,
  • authors, copywriters, ghostwriters and other creative writers,
  • those commissioning the services of copywriters and ghostwriters (politicians, business people, celebrities),
  • judges, public prosecutors, lawyers,
  • holders of copyright and usage rights to texts (academics, researchers, authors, website operators etc.),
  • contemporaries detecting signs of plagiarism as they make a critical appraisal of another’s text.
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