Russian Copyediting and Proof-Reading

Even Russian native speakers often have trouble with Russian spelling and punctuation. Texts not written by native speakers are usually all the more in need of Russian copyediting or Russian correcting (Russian proof-reading). Translations, for example from English, should also be proof-read by a professional unbiased by the original.

The services that Lektorat Unker offers for the German language can also be done for Russian texts: correcting (correction), proof-reading, final editing, general copyediting, substantive editing, technical copyediting, scientific copyediting, plagiarism checking, literary copyediting, advertising copyediting, translation copyediting, text production, translating, text coaching, SEO consultation and much more.

Russian correcting (Russian proof-reading) and Russian copyediting is possible for all types of texts with us:

  • Letters, e-mails
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Scientific, academic papers
  • and many more upon request

Of course, we also proofread or edit your academic text:

  • Doctoral dissertation, doctoral thesis
  • Master's thesis
  • Diploma thesis
  • Bachelor's thesis
  • Seminar paper, project paper
  • Professional article, academic paper

A Small Russian-English Editing Glossary

And what are the Russian words for all of these services? Below, a sort of Russian-English Dictionary for editing:

вычитка – final editing, galley proof-reading, page proof

вычитывать – to perform final editing, galley proof-reading or page proof

заавторство(new term, usually used in quotation marks) ghost-writing, text production in the name of a third party

корректура – correcting, correction, text correction, proof-reading

корректировать – to correct, to proof-read

обработкаalso правка-обработка; adaptation, substantive editing in a broader sense

переделкаalso правка-переделка; in the context of text adaptation to rewrite, to re-work

правка – substantive editing or copyediting in a broader sense including proof-reading

править – to revise, to copyedit in a broader sense

редактура – copyediting, substantive editing, developmental editing редактировать – to copyedit, to revise

редактированиеsee редактура

редакционная правкаsee правка

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