Copyediting for German Texts

German is being taught as a foreign language more and more worldwide. A large part of the worldwide economy, politics, science and culture takes place in this language. We can help you to participate in this.

Our native speaker copyeditors and proof-readers will gladly help you with the optimisation of your German-language text. You can choose from the following types of corrections or book several of them at once:

  • Proof-reading, proof-reading or correction: spelling, grammar and proofing of punctuation. More about proof-reading >>
  • Copyediting: in addition to proof-reading, style improvement suggestions and tips about structure. More about copyediting >>
  • Substantive Editing: larger structural and linguistic improvements, developmental editing. More about substantive editing >>
  • Scientific copyediting: Here we will also check for compliance with scientific standards (footnotes, bibliography etc.). More about substantive editing >>
  • Plagiarism check: Plagiarism review with specialised software on the Internet or in libraries, bibliography consultation.
  • Text coaching: a German coach will support you while you write, motivate and advise you in case of writer’s block and uncertainty.
  • Layout: appealing design is just as important as masterful German.
  • Printing: high-quality printing of flyers, master theses, books etc.

All Variations of German

One often uses the term Standard German (also High German or written German). But there are still subtle differences between the three largest German-speaking countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Accordingly, one differentiates between the following variants of Standard German:

  • Federal High German
  • Austrian High German
  • Swiss High German

There are also the very large number of various dialects and linguistic variants, for example:

  • Frankish
  • Alemannic
  • Bavarian
  • Lower Saxon (Low German)

Thanks to our extensive employee pool, we can support you in oral or written form in almost every variant of High German and its dialects.

Copyediting and Proof-Reading for All Types of Texts

We copyedit, proof-read and revise all types of German texts:

  • Letters, e-mails
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Scientific, academic papers
  • and many more upon request

Below are a few examples of scientific or academic papers, that you can have us linguistically optimise:

  • Doctoral dissertation, doctoral thesis
  • Master's thesis
  • Diploma thesis
  • Bachelor's thesis
  • Seminar paper, project paper
  • Professional article, academic paper

All Citation Methods

Of course, we are versed in all of the scientific citation methods popular in the German-speaking region, so we can support you in this respect. This includes:

  • the shortened Harvard referencing system also popular in English-speaking regions, as well as
  • the European citation style, also sometimes called the “German method”, with full bibliographic details in the footnotes.
  • print

Appointments in our office
or on telephone are possible
after prior agreement
by e-mail only.