If you are not satisfied with our work

Although like most firms we provide a section of “Frequently Asked Questions”, we only very infrequently receive complaints from customers. Analysis of our web data shows that almost all those who have visited this sub-page have done so by entering such words as “copyeditor unsatisfactory” into the search engine, i.e. their entry was not in relation to us. We recommend they take advantage of our Text Evaluation service. In this way, you can obtain a neutral assessment as to whether your copyeditor has really provided a poor standard of work.

To return to the initial question: when we do receive a complaint, it usually transpires that the underlying cause of the dissatisfaction is simply a misunderstanding at the time the order was placed. For instance, a customer might want an in-depth editing of the text, but instead orders copy-editing or even just proof-reading.

We do our best to preempt such misunderstandings, by describing on our website and in our quotations, as precisely as possible, the exact scope of the service to be offered. If a misunderstanding of this nature has occurred in spite of this, please get in touch with us — we will no doubt be able to find an equitable solution all round.

There are, however, circumstances in which we can occasionally make definite mistakes while working on a text. Unfortunately, we are not infallible. Should you not be content with the quality of our work, or doubt the accuracy of the corrections we have made, do please let us know. We will rectify this immediately, at no further cost to yourself.

As you can see, your feedback is always crucial to us. We constantly seek to improve, and above all to offer you complete satisfaction whenever you place an order. To achieve this, cooperation and dialogue with you are of the utmost importance to us.

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