We do not write any Final Assessment Pieces

This is a question from our FAQ:

Do you also offer academic ghost-writing? Can you write my seminar paper, Bachelor thesis, Master’s thesis, dissertation etc. for me?

No, we do not offer any academic ghost-writing. This form of ghost-writing goes against our corporate philosophy. The same naturally applies to all forms of academic rewriting — including that of final assessment pieces you have written yourself, or examination-level work of which you are not the original author. This last would also present an instance of disguised plagiarism.

It is not just that we disapprove on ethical grounds of the intent to deceive that lies behind academic ghost-writing. We are deeply concerned at a practical level with combating academic ghost-writing and under no circumstances aiding and abetting it.

We engage the services of hundreds of people to work with us: copyeditors, proof-readers, editors, copywriters, translators etc. All are selected with great care so that each assignment is carried out to the entire satisfaction of our customers. Qualifications gained by dubious means make the choice of who should work with us much harder.

The main point, however, is that academic ghost-writing is damaging to you yourself as our client. Picture a situation where you commission some specialist copyediting from us, or the copywriting for your firm’s homepage. You might well feel cheated if you found out someone had been carrying out your assignment who had used a ghost-writer to convey a false impression of expertise in these areas.

The argument is often advanced that ghost-writers are not to know how the text ordered from them will be used. In most cases, however, it is very easy to determine whether the customer has commissioned something like a seminar paper rather than a text for a homepage. Consequently, we can generally recognise very speedily requests for academic ghost-writing, and we consistently refuse them.

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